I love your camp!  Thank you all for making those 4 days full of learning and lots of fun.  

Triumph Academy 

Thank you for an amazing time.  I learned that teamwork gets you a lot more than by yourself.”

Burr Elementary 

Thank you for letting me stay 4 days at your wonderful camp.  The counselors are nice, the food was good and there were lots of activities.  My favorite was the Tango Tower.  I had fun bunking with my friends and I wish I could stay longer.

Triumph Academy

Dear Tamarack Camps,

Thank you for helping me get out of my comfort zone and for helping me get rid of my fear of heights.  You changed our lives because of our experiences we had at camp.

Burr Elementary 

Thank you for teaching us about nature and how to survive.  If I ever get lost in the wild, I will hopefully survive because Tamarack’s staff taught us how to build a fire and survive!  I also now understand Carnivores, Omnivores and Herbivores.”

St. Mary’s Rockwood 

I want to thank you for giving us the privilege to go to camp.  We had so much fun and I liked it a lot because of all the new activities that I was able to do.  The staff took care of us so we could be comfortable and have a good time.”

Walton Charter Academy 


We really appreciate your hospitality.  You are awesome!!  Every year that we have come to Tamarack Camps you have treated us as if we are a part of your family.

Neil Reid 

All 59 kids had a BLAST!!!!  Thank you to all of the Tamarack staff for again making memories my kids will never forget.  See you next May.

Teacher Cheri
Triumph Academy  

Your Outdoor Education Camp has had a positive effect on the students.  Several parents have commented to me that since the camping experience, their child want to go to school rather than feeling indifferent or negative about it.“

Holy Family School 


Thank you as always for providing such an awesome atmosphere of support and care to offer us the opportunity to heal some hearts and forever change lives, children and adults.”

Sandcastles Grief Support Program