Meet our Team

Our Tamarack Adventure & Retreat Center staff have a passion for the outdoors, as well as high energy and enthusiasm for working with students and community groups.  While we train all of our staff members, most bring experience in team building, outdoor skills, environmental education, and life guarding.

Meet our year-round staff below:

Fletcher Raftery

Assistant Director

Tamarack Adventure & Retreat Center

Fletcher - Staff Bio PictureBorn and raised in northern Minnesota, I grew up outside; camping, fishing, swimming, snowmobiling, and four-wheeling.  I decided that prospering in the outdoors was my cup of tea and found a career that has allowed me to continue my alfresco lifestyle where I have the opportunity to share my love of the environment with others.

After graduating from the University of North Dakota with a B.S. in Exercise Science/Kinesiology, I spent the next four years working at various outdoor education and summer camp facilities across the U.S., gaining experience, an understanding and appreciation for experiential education, which lead me to Tamarack.  I’ve been with Tamarack Camps since 2011 and I am loving it!

Jess Whatley

Program Director

Tamarack Adventure & Retreat Center

I am so excitedjess to be working for Tamarack Adventure & Retreat Center. I have been working at camps since 2004 and have had the privilege of working in the Pocono Mountains and the Swiss Alps, before moving back to my hometown in Michigan. Since returning to Michigan in 2009, I have been working at Tamarack and have been continually impressed by the quality and professionalism of the Outdoor Education and other year-round programming. Moving to Ortonville with my husband has further deepened my devotion to this camp and my love for the great outdoors. As the Program Director, I look forward to continually improving our program. I hope to ensure that every camper, teacher, parent and staff member leaves camp with a newfound confidence in themselves and a smile on their faces.

Mark Noble

Business Sales Manager

Tamarack Adventure & Retreat Center

Who doesn’t love the outdoors?  Every weekend, as far back as I can remember, my family and I have spent hours hiking through the woods, spotting various wildlife and visiting farms.  Working at Tamarack during college solidified my desire to be surrounded by nature … in my travels across the US, the UK, Israel and Mexico, I’ve come to learn one thing.  Not only is Michigan a great state to learn and see what nature can do, but when you’re here in Ortonville, you feel better … the air is cleaner, the weather more crisp … you’re relaxed and open to new experiences.


And that’s what we provide here … opportunities in the great outdoors, yet close to home. And I appreciate that!  For the Tamarack team, I spend my days talking with business and community leaders, taking them on tours, and offering their staff an opportunity to embrace that same feeling, while creating new memories.


Give me a call … I can’t wait to meet you!