SKUNK time!

Webster the skunk - Tamarack Camps Outdoor Education

Webster the skunk – Tamarack Camps Outdoor Education


Tamarack Camps Outdoor Education proudly welcomes the newest member of its family, Webster!

Webster is a skunk who has recently been re-homed in the Tamarack Camps nature center after having his scent glands removed. He loves being around people and enjoys the warmth of a cuddly lap to crawl into during the day.

Webster has been domesticated all his life, but some of his natural instincts are still intact. He is an omnivore and enjoys eating plants, meat and vanilla wafers! His long claws are ideal for digging, and he loves to burrow under layers and layers of blankets for a cozy snooze. He has difficulty seeing, so Webster primarily uses his sense of smell to find his way around and search for his food.

Bring your group to our Living Science program at our brand new nature center today to meet Webster and all of our awesome Michigan native animals!