OE Nature class

NatureArt5 (2) Logo on woodfornewsCheck out our new class, Nature Art!

Nature Art is a class where students are given the tools to learn how to create their own art mediums out of items found only in nature!  There are several avenues that can be taken to attain this goal and in one version of this class, participants will make their own sketching charcoal in a fire pit out of sticks they find in the woods.  While the charcoal is cooking, the students will use pre-made (by the previous class) charcoal and construct their own piece of art on a slice of wood that has been recycled from our wood shop, all while looking out at beautiful Lake Tamarack.  Once they’re finished drawing, they can go to the fire pit and pull out our Tamarack Camps wood brand and brand their work of art.  Each student will be able to take their final product home with them.


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